A lovely hand painted wind chime created out of waste cardboard rolls....

Items you need:

1.       Cardboard rolls from Foil packets

2.       Wooden beading

3.       Acrylic colours

4.       Bells, trinkets, chimes

5.       Colorful threads

6.       Drill machine

7.       Saw

8.       Toothpicks/ Match sticks

Step 1: Shaping Up

I decided to create a best out of waste with the cardboard rolls that come with the Food foils (aluminium foils, wraps)...

I took the cardboard rolls and cut it into desired length. Then after deciding the placement (one of the roll I had was thicker and hence heavier), I measured the beading strip and cut it into required length.

Taking the centre of the roll as the centre of fixing on beading, holes were drilled into place.

<p>Those look like very authentic wind chimes, had I not seen you making them, I would have thought they where real Bamboo. I had similar project while I was back in high school, I actually used real bamboo to make clay molds for a papier mash&eacute; version of wind chimes, I wanted to get the real painted bamboo look, but since I had only one piece, I used papier mash&eacute; instead.</p><p>Eric | http://www.lorisgiftsetc.com/default.asp?dept_id=30090 </p>
Looks really cool. Really looks like bamboo! Can't wait to try it.
thanks a lot... do post pictures of your version....
It's beautiful! I was thinking about wind chimes while instructables page was loading! and there it was, a wind chime ible! wow, you just made my day!
thanks a lot for your lovely comment.... <br>
Thanks ... its my first instructable... and your comments means a lot to me....
I love the colors! Very pretty. :)

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