Hello! This time I will show how I made a wind generator with cardboard.
The goal was not to make a real generator, producing energy. But to demonstrate the major components of
wind generation in addition to power generation, which was the goal of the science project of my daughter.
Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

List (For single tower):

Cardboard pieces (0.4 cm thick);
pieces of balsa wood
the cardboard cylinders;
three sticks;
two sheets of A4 paper;
a magnet rare earth (taken from an old CD player's);
mold parts (made in CorelDraw but put the photo in full size);
glue, scissors, cutter, paint, etc ...

Electrical materials:

one battery (9 Volts)
tree reedswitch (normally open);
one on / off switch;
one red LED;
one resistor of 500 ohms;
a copper plate pierced;
four terminals for connecting wires
wire, welding, etc ...
<p>Great instructable!</p>
do you have a downloadable lay out for the cut outs<br>
<p>The CDR file format I lost however , the lay out of the turbines are there in jpg format. I tried to put the figures in size 1 : 1 . The blades , I n&atilde;ofiz the lay out why I did while riding the measuring . Any other questions, just ask .</p>
<p>What an awesome project for students to build. Thank you for sharing!</p>
<p>Thanks! </p>
that's cool!!
Belo projeto, lauros.
Valeu! Tamb&eacute;m gostei de fazer. Espero ajudar quem estiver sem id&eacute;ias.
That is a very cool project. <br>Was it for school or was it just for fun???
It was for a school project.
very cool models for my railway maket, thanx
glad to help you! <br>
very cool

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