this is a cardboard/duct tape

Sword I really like it

I hope you do to!

Plz vote thanks

Step 1:

first is the handle take some cardboard size depends on the cardboard you

Choose fold it up then hot glue it

Step 2:

it should look like this

Step 3:

then cover it with duct tape

Step 4:

trace the top of the handle cut it then cut around it

Step 5:

put it on the handle

Step 6:

cover it with duct tape

Step 7:

cut out a blade use thick cardboard or use layers

Step 8:

cover the blade with duct tape

Step 9:

attach the blade to the handle

Step 10:

all done don't forget to vote thanks!

Step 11:

It could use a lot of work my man, looks like you did it in 5 mins
<p>oh sorry ill be sure to do better in other instructables</p>
<p>You could also use metalic silver spray paint instead of duct tape.</p>
<p>Swords are awesome. Good luck!</p>
<p>please vote for my sword this took a while if i win then ill make tons more instructables thanks!</p>
<p>Very cool! I made swords just like yours when I was younger! </p><p>Lots of fun, keep up the good work!</p>
<p>thanks my ninja star</p>

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