I realized a Drawer for my black vertical book shelving. Essential requirement, be robust to withstand the hands more or less brutal to my little man of 10 years.

Step 1: Cut Your Cardboard's Peaces

use this plan;

Take measures exactly

Finally you will have 4 cardboad's peases

Step 2: Dug a Furrow of a Centimeter Wide

Step 5: Use Décorative Papers to Finish

In this case, I used napkins which look like a piece of knitted.

<p>This looks great. Fabric covered cardboard boxes that you purchase at stores are cost a lot and making them yourself can save you a lot of money.</p>
<p>I agree with you.</p><p>You can see it on my blog named &quot;my carboard's house&quot; : <a href="http://mamaisonestencarton.blogspot.fr/" rel="nofollow">http://mamaisonestencarton.blogspot.fr/</a></p><p>have a nice day</p>

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