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This Mini amp was made whit a Sony Walkman Cardboard box, the sound is nothing more that a LM386 chip can do alone. it's works pretty well and is very light


pfred2 (author)2011-12-23

I'm feeling a little in the dark after viewing this.

Misac-kun (author)pfred22011-12-27

LOL! Excuses for the poor quality fotos, i had taken em' from my cell fone and it don't work well on incandecent lit places. Some times it's a pain!

pfred2 (author)Misac-kun2011-12-27

Not all of the pictures I take are prize winners either. Sometimes I use photo editing software to try to boost the light levels a bit on pictures I take that come out really poorly. It doesn't magically make them great pictures, but it helps.

Misac-kun (author)pfred22011-12-29

LOL! i use gimp too but for game making (like backdrops and title screens) but for photos i use fireworks, i know it's not for photo editing but i'm REALLY used to this program.

anyways thanks for the tip buddy

pfred2 (author)Misac-kun2011-12-29

You should get into Blender. It seems to be where it is at today. Back when I tried it long ago I couldn't make heads or tails of it myself, but I hear its gotten a lot better since then. I managed to get it to render a sphere in the dark, well I think I did, what I ended up with was darker than your pictures LOL!

I've done some stuff with POVray but it can be a bit brutal to get it to do much. Whenever I mess with stuff like that I start shopping for a new PC so I'm holding off for now.

paulfeb1500 (author)2011-07-25

that is sweet

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