You've heard of steampunk, cyberpunk, even dieselpunk.

Now, there's cardpunk - an alternative reality where all the cool stuff is made of cardboard.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The main tools we used for this project were a selection of sharp knives, scissors and a pin.

The materials were;

  • The cardboard innertube of a roll of toiler paper.
  • Some light cardstock
  • Scraps of corrugated card
  • String
  • Glue
I have now posted <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-Safety-Goggles/" rel="nofollow">another pair of goggles</a>, using the same concept in the lenses, but steampunk style.
so i guess in "card punk" everything looks like stuff built in little big planet
I thought they were all <em>sewn</em> together? (We have a Wii, not a PS3)<br/>
the sackboy is stiched but the scenery is mostly cardboard
Heh, I believe that is actually yet another, &quot;stitchpunk&quot;.<br /> <br /> <br /> -Y<br />
well the sack people are but the levels themselves are built from all sorts of things
I used your friction buckle for one of my goggles. I gave a link to here in the artist's comments.<br /> <br /> Thanks for the idea!<br /> <br /> <a href="http://kenta-rin.deviantart.com/art/Goggles-6-160161200" rel="nofollow">kenta-rin.deviantart.com/art/Goggles-6-160161200</a><br />
Thanks - they look really good.
(I forgot to add - why not post an ible of how you made those?)<br />
back at home, we call this <em>seampunk</em> it refers to the sort of handmade feel,the hand stitching. &nbsp; Things like these goggles, movies like <em>Coraline</em> and <em>9</em> all fall into the category of Seampunk<br /> (in my humble optnion)<br /> still, very nice, I love the recycle symbol 5/5<br />
Seampunk, like you can see the hand-made joins?<br /> <br /> Maybe craftpunk?<br /> <br /> Thanks for the rating.<br />
Yeah, the seams, the stitches, like the sack-people in little big planet<br />
Cardpunk FTW! Your picture changed! I hardly recognized you. Is that the Cat's Eye nebula?
It is, for the moment. I felt starry.
Yay! It's one of my favorites. Congratulations on starting another "punk" subculture!
Feel free to add to the genre...
When will it end? The &quot;punks&quot; I mean.<br /> <br /> Ooh, 'Toidpunk! I hear that primary-color painted metal and curvy embossed lettering is all the rage with the kids. Curiously stylish!<br />
Can you see through these?
*Takes a minute to look at all the pictures*<br /> <br /> Sweet!
I guess you could make the lens out of any thin opaque material - say, a sheet of brass if you were making a steampunk pair, or something mirrored for cyberpunk.<br />
Pretty Sweet. I might Mod them to make steampunk goggles through.<br />
Cool, make sure you post pictures, maybe your own Instructable.<br />
Your face looks a lot cooler than last year.<br />
2008 Kiteman's face is still cool though.<br />
Er, thank you, I think, but it's the same face as always.<br /> <br /> Sort of.<br />
You look a little fatter here, which is a good thing (IMO).<br />
It must be the camera-angle, because I'm no fatter in the flesh.<br />
Oh... then just keep taking photos from that angle. I'm sure you'll be an online chick magnet!<br /> <br /> Oh and nice I'ble, five stars.<br />
card punk is all and good but i could ad cogs glass lenses and paint then the worlds cheapest steampunk goggles would emerge
Interesting....I wonder if the <em>lens</em> were brought closer to the eyes (shorter focal length) if they would be helpful with Myopia (like pinhole glasses are for mild cases)? <br/>
You can buy plastic "spectacles" intended for that. It thoroughly confused my camera, though - I had to lock the focus on the wall, then put the card lens over the camera lens.
I bet the range finder on your camera was confused :-) Yeah, I have seen the metal type with the pinholes in them. Still, we are makers not just consumers, right? ;-)
This is what the image looked like when I let the camera do its thing.
I figured it might focus on the paper / cardboard itself. ...interesting that the holes appear oblong rather then round from the pin piercings.
I think that's an artefact of the structure of the card - it rips slightly along the length of the fibres.
...showing that the fibers are not 'polarized' but rather are fairly random in direction...<sub>have I over-analyzed this yet? lol</sub><br/>
<sub><sup>Keep going - would the holes be rectangular in thinner or thicker card?</sup></sub><br/>
I would think they would be more elongated on thinner cards, and with thicker cards, because of the randomness involved, what may start out as long in one direction, would be changed further into the card (because the fibers would change direction), thus, the thicker card would be more likely to have rectangular or triangular holes in it...but that is just a guess.
I've never checked, but there are people who do...
Well, if I don't lose this comment (if my memory doesn't lose it, that is) I may do a preliminary little test are just a few pieces myself and view them through the magnifier glass just to satisfy my own curiosity.
suh-weet :P<br/>They're so-I'm making a pair right now <sup></sup><br/>
Cool, post photos!
Very nice, I like! L
Thank you!
ha cradpunk i think ill make some
Post photos when you do!

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