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Hi! This is a Harry Potter Inspired card game I made and it's free to download, print, and play with friends enjoy! Check out the video I included for more clarification.

Step 1: Download Word Document

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The first step is to download the document I attached and open it in Microsoft Word. Then you can modify it by adding/changing cards or just print it as it is. Print it front and back, and be warned that the black cards use up a lot of ink

Step 2: Cut Out Cards

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Carefully cut out cards with scissors and arrange them by black and white

Step 3: (Optional) Create a Box for Your Game

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I made a box template out of black card stock and then added a label to it. You could of course use a container you already have like a plastic box, or a ziplock bag.

Step 4: Play the Game

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It's basically the same rules as cards against humanities and other similar games. So you play by handing out 5 white cards to each player. Then one player draws a black card which leaves a fill in the blank. The rest of the players have to answer that question/statement by submitting a white card. Whichever card the first player choses, whether because of humor or preference is the winner and the player it belongs to gets a point. Continue the game by going around, having each person take turns choosing the cards.


Osquar (author)2017-12-17

Just asking now but did you know there is a "cards against muggles" that you can buy online? (1350-something cards for ca $15)

Diwo (author)2017-12-17

this game is a french game nammed "limite limite" so its okay to make a tutorial but give credit to the original game (its a recent game)

Osquar (author)Diwo2017-12-17

Is it? I thought it was an unofficial expansion to the game "Cards against humanity"

JessH41 (author)Diwo2017-12-17

I've never heard of that game, but I assume its similar to games like Cards Against Humanities (where I originally took the idea) and apples to apples (same game almost, but for kids) they all generally have the same rules and game structure

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-12-16

HA! This is the perfect game for my circle of friends. I am going to have to print out a set of these. Thank you so much for sharing!

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