Picture of Care for your Knives
How much do you hate when you grab your favorite knife only to find out that it's too dull to even cut an overripe banana?
I know I do! In fact, my family is NOT allowed to touch my knives, and I even keep a second block in the kitchen that they can use.  That might sound drastic, but I have found them in the sink dirty, beside the sink dirty, in the dishwaher and even out in the garage being used to cut hose line!

I want to share with you what I have attempted to get through my families heads, how to take care of a knife and keep it sharp for years because of all the things in your kitchen, all the doo-dads and watchamacallits and thing-a-ma-bobs, your knife is at the top of must have items.The rule for knives in my kitchen is this....


Simple as that, if you aren't using it, clean it and put it away.

Wash and put away your knife/knives immediately after using.  Allowing food particles to sit on the knife will cause oxidation and dullness.

Never NEVER run knives through a dishwasher.  Only wash by hand.  The force of water knocks utensils around and will cause dulling of the blade. 

Keeping your knifes in ai block or some other way of keeping the blade from touching other objects is best.  It you keep all your knives in a drawer they will dull quickly.  The other items in the drawer will knock against the blades every time you open or close the drawer.

A good knife is a great investment if you do a lot of cooking.  If you take good care of  your knife, whatever price you paid for it will be worth it over the years. 
bcavaciuti2 years ago
good ible I have the same viewpoint...like my sister cutting stuff with the nice kitchen knives on a ceramic plate and im like noooo what are you doing. it annoys me when people abuse knives.
Le_KiD_Qc3 years ago
Nice instructables, I will send the link to my girlfriend!
It might be a good idea to add a section about cutting board.