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Kitchen knives are an important investment, and they should be treated as such.  I can't say taking proper care  and keeping your knives sharp will make you a great chef, but it sure can make you a better one! 
<p>Honing after each use isn't always necessary. What's important is the amount of use after the last honing. If you cut up just one cucumber, you're not going to need to hone, but you might need to after cutting 5 lbs of potatoes. Personally, I only hone after several light-medium uses and after every heavy use. If you start a job and your knife is cutting sub-par, you can always clean it a give it a quick hone. Remember, although honing is mostly straightening the knife edge, you still are removing some material. If you hone all the time, you're likely wearing away your blade unnecessarily.</p>
good ible I have the same viewpoint...like my sister cutting stuff with the nice kitchen knives on a ceramic plate and im like noooo what are you doing. it annoys me when people abuse knives.
Nice instructables, I will send the link to my girlfriend! <br>It might be a good idea to add a section about cutting board.

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