Care of Amaryllis Bulbs and Amaryllis Flowers




Introduction: Care of Amaryllis Bulbs and Amaryllis Flowers

The genus Amaryllis consists of two species. One species Amaryllis belladonna is indigenous to South Africa, specifically the Cape of Good Hope.

Sometimes Amaryllis belladonna is confused with Hippeastrum, a flowering bulb which is commonly sold during the winter months as it easily blooms indoors.

Dutch growers are considered the first commercial breeders of Hippeastrum dating back to the 18th century. Usually you see Amaryllis bulbs in nurseries and garden centers around the middle of October so they are in bloom for Christmas and through the Holiday Season.

When purchasing an Amaryllis bulb, Hippeastrum, it already has a perfect embryo flower formed. The bulb is ready to be planted.

Most Amaryllis bulbs, Hippeastrum, produce two flower stalks with each stalk producing four to six Amaryllis flowers.

What do you do when your Amaryllis stops flowering?



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