With my employer going on a two month road trip around America with his family this summer he wanted a system to keep clothes and personal items in order during the duration of their trip. The result was this cargo container which uses preexisting elements of the SUV to fit snugly and securely in the back. The design layer out maxamizes the available space in the trunk while still leaving some room for random items to be placed on top. 

What you will need:

3 4x8 Sheets of 3/4 in MDF.
1 1/4 in sheet of masonite
52 x 26 in of Carpet ( color and style is up to you)

Access to a Shopbot or any CNC router
1/4 in router bit
1/8 in router bit

1/16 in drill bit 
square drill bit
6 x 1 5/8 square bit trim screws
Staple gun
wood glue
palm sander
3M 74 Spray adhesive
Industrial Velcro
" shit house" latches or swivel latches ( the guy at the hardware used the first name, amazing) 
Two 6 x 5/8 in hex head bolts.

Step 1: Measurements

In this case the measurements have already been done for you and incorporated into the attached cut files. 
What I did was take the width height and depth measurement taking into account the angle of the back row of seats to see what the maximum space was we could get out of the container.

One thing to note is that in the new expeditions the rear door has an automated pneumatic arm which travels about 3/4 on an inch to the right as it shuts. The files I have layer out here account for that travel, but should you decide to change or adapt the designs, keep that in mind. 

The final dimensions were 49w x 18 3/4h x by 23 3/4 deep. This maximized the bed space while still allowing for items to be placed on top. 

The next step was to remove the two plastic brackets bolted to the sidewalls. These are in place to hold the fold out shelf built into the base of the trunk. Make sure to save the parts should you decide to remove the container in the future, but for now you won't need them. These holes will serve as our anchor points for the container in the final steps.

It's a great project but I don't think you need "Access to a Shopbot or any CNC router" although it would make cutting it out easier/faster, simple power tools or hand tools could be used. Hopefully it doesn't have to be moved in and out very often because with 3 sheets of 3/4 mdf that thing has to be heavy! I'm not disparaging your great project just the wording of the "ible" Thank you for sharing

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