Picture of Cargo Rack Bike (Sport Hauler)
Bike load1.jpg
You can build a bike out of a commercially available bike extension cargo rack.
Normally this cargo rack mounts behind a standard bike to extent the back wheel 1.5 feet back and makes room for its own large panniers, it has a a wood deck on top and plenty of tie down points for heavy duty hauling.
This project is about minimizing the bike and having a compact "sport hauler" where the rider and passengers all sit on the rack. The rack is the only seat, but(t) it's big enough for a couple of people.

The other two bikes can be seen on my hobby website

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Step 1: Start by looking at what you've got

Picture of Start by looking at what you've got
This is the Cargo Bike I was given. The bike frame is too big for me. I had to turn the stem backwards to be able to reach the bars. The stick represents the ground line.
I wanted to make a compact sport hauler where I could sit on the rack and pedal semi-recumbent.

Step 2: General layout and cogitating stage

Picture of General layout and cogitating stage
I lay out various bikes and parts relative to a ground line (represented by the stick) and ponder the possibilities. I try a variety of old damaged bikes form the scrap pile, looking for ones that have the features and dimensions I want.
I used the cargo rack from the big blue bike and the black rear suspension triangle from the Mongoose bike and the front triangle from a different 16" girls bike.
tamasic11 year ago
I like the one using the purple kids bike. It has a more comfortable riding position. I think changing to a 20" fork and tire up front would lift the cranks to keep from scraping the ground and provide less rolling resistance from a slightly larger wheel.
slaitch3 years ago
Should have considered leaving it like this just for hilarity's sake.
macrumpton4 years ago
I am not sure how this is better than just having a regular bike with a sturdy rack. It looks  about the same length as a regular bike. If you wanted  an extra long seat on  a regular bike you could just add the seat mount hardware to a board and attach a couple or 4 of support tubes  (or even plywood sides) from the board to the rear axle mount.
Woodenbikes (author)  macrumpton4 years ago
You are right that there are plenty of ways to make bikes, some of them better than the way I make them.  This bike has no separate seat.  The pilot sits on the rack.   Your suggestion of plywood wheel stays is a very workable one I've used on a half dozen bikes that can be seen at 
One plywood example is the bike in the background.
I often build bikes to explore ideas, not necessarily to be better than some other design.  I hope they inspire folks to have their own ideas.  Happy building.

I did not mean to come off snarky, as I do enjoy the look of the bike, but I just did not understand why it is the shape it is.

BTW I have spent literally hours being inspired by the bikes your site.
maninvan5 years ago
If anybody is wondering the 'cargo bike kit' used it's an xtracycle. I have just installed a kit on my MTB and it's great... well worth the investment :-D
Oops, fogot to mention the plans for the xtracyle cargo bike kit extension is here

It's all open source for you to build compatible bikes for the accessories or compatible accessories for the bikes. Just awesome.
trebuchet036 years ago
Curious, do you not like the company that makes the extended cargo rack? I know they're pricey - that's why I made my variant - I'm just wondering if there's another reason :)
Woodenbikes (author)  trebuchet036 years ago
I like the product and the way it enables a car free or one less car per household lifestyle. It is very useful! I agree $350 is a chunk of change. But if it lets someone get rid of a car that pays back in 7 tank-fulls alone plus saved insurance avoided depreciation , saved maintenance expense, saved gym fees etc. I offered them a chance to co-sponsor the vehicle with me by providing a used rack. They declined saying they want to position their product as a more serious solution. I plan to approach them again before next Maker Faire on a new vehicle proposal for their fine product. I'm hoping they find what I do helps market their fine product and the one less car lifestyle. Until then the name is omitted to protect the innocent.
I totally agree - I've got an instructable on moving house by bike in the works :)

Not that this isn't a masterpiece but the other day I a coworker said:
You gotta have the crap pieces before you have your master pieces."

Perhaps the cargo frame guys haven't heard that in awhile :p But to be fair, their design is well refined and appears to be well designed/engineered (I don't own one, but have used it before).
It's definitely a good design. I too winced at the price, but it is so well thought out it is worth the money. I've had one of their sport utility bikes for over a year and am loath to go back to an ordinary bike. I'd have to be a big dummy to do that.
altomic6 years ago
when I lived in Japan I had a standard housewifes shopping bike with basket on the front and rack on the back. It was way to small for me -6foot /183cms. If I wanted a bike to fit me then I would have had to pay more than $2 for it. no way. so i just took the seat off and padded the rack. easy peasy. I like the vespa-esqueness of your bike
pmsfo6 years ago
Your introduction contains a small mistake, I think. You say "You can build a bike out of a commercially available cargo rack." but what I think you mean is "...commercially available cargo **bike**..." I was looking through your project, trying to spot the cargo roof rack... :)
godsdog6 years ago
I'm curios to know the odds of a kid sticking their foot in the spokes.
Woodenbikes (author)  godsdog6 years ago
The cargo rack has stiff barriers to keep stuff (feet and other valuables) out of the wheels and the company also sells foot rests. I could make some extended foot benches for the whole family. On the odds..., I have not calculated them, but so far so good. The cargo rack is back on a big bike since I use it a couple times per day during "June Bloom" of Dumpster Dipping at a nearby college campus.
Dumpster dipping, huh? Say no more. ;)