Picture of Carleyys Blog Round Up - August 16th
Thank God Its Monday! 

In this Round Up I have an array of unique crafts and inspirations to get your creative wheels turning.

I am constantly looking for new projects to feature and browsing for new blogs and websites.  I have a few different methods of searching for new material.  Although I often check back with a few particular sites, my favorite form of searching is definitely stumble upon.  It allows me to search for new content that I wouldn't find through a search engine.  When I find a blog or site that has great content I check to see what blogs they recommend or subscribe to.   How do you search for new content?

Step 1: Random Crafting

Picture of Random Crafting
Snow Globe Cards
Spice up your holiday cards by sending out these festive Snow Globe Postcards.  This is a great holiday project to do with the children.
Plexiglas Photo Display
Hundreds of picture frames in a family room is overwhelming and cluttered. Instead of having an individual picture frame for each photograph you want to show off, display all of your pictures on your wall with this plexiglas photo display found on anh-minh. You could have a few smaller versions of this in one room. Keep it tasteful by being conscious about where you place the displays and be sure to not clutter your walls!
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scoochmaroo5 years ago
I want that butterfly hairpiece for my wedding!
Ninzerbean5 years ago
Jayefuu5 years ago
I accept your challenge Carley :D
Carleyy (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Awesome! Cant wait to see what you make :)
Jayefuu Carleyy5 years ago
Expect laser cut acrylic and gears. (I think)
Kryptonite5 years ago
Awesome round up! That "humanthesizer" was pretty awesome once it was all put together!
Yes, if only Laurie Anderson had this while making "Home of the Brave"...
I like OnePrettyThing.com for finding new and interesting crafts. Rachel is awesome over there, has been finding crafts and blogs for a while now, and posts nearly every day with new finds, but generally I suspect she gets most of her finds from people writing in. That's how I found Poopscape before she went on Martha Stewart for their April Fool's show with her Papier-mâché Faux Bois Container.  I actually felt quite pleased that I knew about her before Martha.  Bwahahahahaha!  Anyway, I suspect the best way to find leads is to ask for them and then edit.  Bloggers generally aren't shy about self-promotion because you can't really be shy and expect to get any sort of following.  There are a few other sites similar to OnePrettyThing, but that site is generally my favorite in addition to magazines and trolling through Etsy.