Picture of Carleyys Blog Round Up - August 23rd
Welcome back for another Monday round-up of goodies!

I am in awe of all the creative and BEAUTIFUL ways people think of reusing.  I found a variety of interesting re-use projects and inspirations that will have you sifting through your unused junk.  Some of these projects are more purposeful while some are just meant to be pieces of art.

Step 1: Re-Purpose

Picture of Re-Purpose
Mount your old ladder on the wall and stack your books!  Bring the workshop indoors with this ladder bookshelf.  I found this via Dude Craft - a totally cool blog (I love the name!).
Decorate a Christmas tree, mobile or bedroom with these aluminum can ornaments.  Make them into cute animals or make them super small to use as charms on a bracelet.
chicopluma4 years ago
wow some are really impresive
Kryptonite5 years ago
Nice round up! You always find amazing stuff.

Those leaves are amazing, it seems hard to believe those veins were done with a nail!