Picture of Carleyy's Blog Round Up - August 9th
Welcome All! 

In this weeks blog round up I bring you creative craft ideas, interesting way to thing about your food, and resources to start your own handmade craft business.

I love to feature small craft blogs that come from the everyday person.  If you have any friends or family that write awesome craft blogs and post great content and pictures send me a link!

As I said in past round ups I really appreciate your comments and input.  If there are specific topics you like featured in my round up be sure to let me know!

Step 1: Gifts

Picture of Gifts
Anyone who likes to reuse and recycle would appreciate this gift!  Create a garbage can made of garbage found on craftster. This would look great in a dorm room and will put all those magazines that have been piling up in your bathroom to good use!
A two in one reuse and cooking project.

Fill an old glass jar with cupcakes and frosting...I think YES!

I'm always trying to think of easy to make gifts. These Mason Jar Cupcakes are perfect gifts for co-workers, a sick friend, or just to say thanks.
When are the Weekly Challenges due by? (I'm new here.)
Carleyy (author)  Sage Boucher5 years ago
theres no deadline, just submit it as soon as possible!
kcls5 years ago
The salvaged barbie doll parts are pretty creepy... keep it up!