Thanks for checking back for this weeks edition of my blog round up.  I really appreciate all of your comments and support last week.  I love getting feedback so keep 'em coming!

I will be posting daily forum topics of cool things I find on the internet so be sure to check in on my page to see what I dig up : )

I have lots of great things in store this week including reuse projects, some cool tech inspiration, and cute crafty projects to name a few...

Step 1: Re-Purposing

Reuse projects are the best because you get rid of junk you don't use but you feel like you're giving yourself a new present.  I know I have problems with holding on to things for too long!  Check out these reuse projects and make something nifty.

Revive your old t-shirts.  I love this unique t-shirt reuse project! I have so many awesome t's that build up in the back of my closet. Why not create some fun underwear?

I found these on SuperNaturale another DIY website filled with crafty and nerdy projects: )


Kick your bad habit by re-purposing your cigarette case. Create a sleek customized wallet that fits your money and credit cards.

This was posted on Just Something I Made another cool DIY website.
<p>Cool pictographs ! </p>
what is this?
this is not an instructable. Why was it featured?
good question. there was nothing made. This is just a blog post!
Ah, she's an Instructable intern. I suppose there'll be one of these &quot;featured&quot; every week...
i made lego jewlery and my mom said i was stupid. i felt sad.
I guess <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YzxXpqKkuU" rel="nofollow">parents just don't understand</a>.&nbsp; ;-)&nbsp; No,&nbsp; really. Frequently they don't.&nbsp; Try not to let it get you down.<br>
I think normal LEGO is just the wrong colors for jewelery; it comes in colors (bold primaries) look very toy-like, and probably don't go with any clothing someone older than &quot;toddler&quot; would wear. Get yourself to a LEGO store where you can get the less common (&quot;adult&quot;) colors in the &quot;assemble your own collection&quot; bins, put together the same jewelery, and I bet you'd get a better reaction. Or there's paint. I suspect nail polish would work pretty well for painting lego, and it's available in all sorts of fashionable colors.
&quot;Fabricated sterling silver with a 3pt. diamond set into 14kt yellow gold and sandblasted plastic&quot; I bet the sandblasting helps too. Not quite so glossy/plastic looking.
another great addition full of insperation, keep it up. love the soap
nice!!! I have something in the works...
This is interesting stuff, but as others have said, shouldn't it be a blog post in community blogs? You could still edit all the pictures into the right place.
rainbow colors =)
2OfThesePicsBelong2gether,2OfThesePics..AreKindaTheSame,But1OfThesePicsIsDoingIt'sOwnThing,NowIt'sTime2playOurGame.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm-zWDaoCtI&amp;feature=related

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