Picture of Carleyys Blog Round Up - September 13th
Greetings instructables fans!

Keep on reading as I round up some great crafting projects for you to work on this week!  Get inspired and share your own unique projects with us on instructables.
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Step 1: Random Crafting

Picture of Random Crafting
Use your pillow as a sleeping vessel for your head and a mask for your eyes with this Sweet Dream pillow mask.  It's adorable and easy to make!
In one of my first round ups I posted a light bulb vase project.  Here is a tutorial for salt and pepper shakers made our of light bulbs!

Step 2: Sewing

Picture of Sewing
Peacock Feather Embroidery Stitch - peacock feathers are so in right now.  I see them on hair clips and earrings.  Uses this design to stylize your clothing and handbags.
Turn a basic t-shirt into an adorable one shouldered top. Wear this shirt with a cute skirt or a pair of skinny jeans.  You could also add some more design by embroidering it with the peacock feather design. Found on craftzine.com

Step 3: Keep the Cycle Going - ReUse and RePurpose

Picture of Keep the Cycle Going - ReUse and RePurpose
There are so many great re-use and re-purpose instructables and DIY projects on the internet.  It seems like every week I find some great projects that encourage creative ways to recycle your old junk.  My best friend has made a pledge to buy nothing new for an entire year (excluding food and underwear - for hygienic reasons).  I have found others on the web who have taken this challenge and I challenge you to think of creative ways to keep the cycle going. This could mean re-use projects or buying used items from craigslist or your local thrift store.

Check out what Tif is doing on Dotty Angels blog.
Brumzzz4 years ago
Will that sleeping pillow make you sleep more comfortable? Because I don't think I can lay down in a good way when my head is stretched under a pillowcase...
Kryptonite4 years ago
You mis-spelled one of your key words!
Ninzerbean4 years ago
Thanks for letting me know, I am going to go see him tonight!