Picture of Carlitos' Project: RGB LED Mood Cube
This is the first in a series of electronic / robotic DIY projects. These projects are accompanied by instructional videos that will help you trough the many steps involved in completing the task at hand. For this first iteration, we are making an RGB LED Mood Cube.

Glowing colour-changing objects are always cool. So why not make your own? Mood lights have been around for some time and, while it is cool to have a colour changing light, it would be even cooler to have something more complex and geekier. An RGB LED Mood Cube seems to be the way to go.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Below is a list of the components you will need to make the LED cube:

1x LED Cube Kit
Provides the LEDs and all the structure required to create an LED cube
1x Rainbowduino
It is a special Arduino microcontroller built to control up-to 192 LEDs.
1x UartSB (USB-to-serial adaptor).
A USB to serial interface that is used to program the Rainbowduino (or for serial communication in general) trough a USB port.
1x USB Cable
A cable to hook-u the UartSB to the Computer
1x 9V Wall Adapter
A power supply that will power the cube once the assembly and programming are done.

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
Below is a list of tools which you will need to assemble the LED cube:

1x Wire Cutter
It will be used to cut the leads off components.
1x Soldering Iron
In order to solder all the (many) connections, a soldering station might be preferable since it provides steady and reliable temperature control that allows for easier and safer soldering (you have less risk of burning the components if the temperature is set correctly).
1x Third Hand (optional)
A third hand is always useful for holding components and parts when soldering.
1x Small Flat Head Screwdriver
This will be used for un/tightening terminal blocks
  1x Computer
Necessary to program the Rainbowduino using the Arduino IDE

alzie1 year ago
I have done the rainbow cube and
it is awesome!
Actually, writing code to control it is a piece of cake.
Dont be afraid to get your feet wet.
Itll keep you busy for days!
This looks great! I want to try your code on my Rainbowduino cube, but I have Rainbowduino v3.0b and yours in this project is v1.2. When I upload it, only 6 LEDs light and they don't color change. Do you happen to have, or could you update your code for the Rainbowduino v3.0?
RobotShop (author)  richardoson1 year ago
You can find the latest code and samples here:
SuddleD3 years ago
Is there other versions of the Plasma example code? I like it and I got it to work, but I would like to have more options, I was wondering if anyone has modded the Plasma code, or if there is other code available for the 4x4x4 cubes?
hatschel3 years ago
this is is commercially kit,whats about with Diy?
soldering together?
It doesn't really matter if it's DYI or not, this is the "Instructables" website. Instructables don't HAVE to be DYI projects. Instructables implies "Instructions" from the name. TBH though I did also think this was lame...
RobotShop (author)  hatschel3 years ago
Hi hatschel,

DIY is certainly an option, and there are many people online who have made custom LED cubes using custom microcontrollers. One approach is to simply bend the connectors on each LED and solder them accordingly. Having the pre-made PCBs makes it easier to solder together (and aesthetic since it makes a perfect cube). If you have some ideas, we are open to showing different types of projects.