Introduction: Carmex Pencil Sharpener

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This is the coolest carmex sharpener. complete original idea too.

Step 1: Items

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Items: carmex,paper,small round pencil sharpener, Exacto knife or scissors.

Step 2: Cutting of the Tip (where You Squeeze the Balm Out)

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take the exacto knife or the scissors and cut off the tip.

Step 3: Cleaning Out the Tube.

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once the tip is cut off go to the sink and wash it out. if that doesn't work get a papertowel and slide a pencil inside the tube with the paper towel attached. Or easier get a cotton swab and swab the tube out.(wet it first.)

Step 4: Putting in the Paper and the Sharpener.

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take the clean tube and put in paper so the sharpener will be higher. Then slide the sharpener in.

Step 5: Now You Are Done! (COOL HUH?)

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start sharpening those pencils. Leave a comment and say what you think.


DCA (author)2013-01-22


sugarsnout (author)2011-11-24

This is so cool. I hate seeing pencil shavings in pencil cases, on the table, in ashtrays etc. One question: I don't quite understand step 4. Where do I put the paper? is it folded as a lift for the sharpener? I may have misread your instructions. Thanks.

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