STEP 1: Start with a base in foam and cover it with clay
STEP 2: Heathen the clay if it becomes to hard
STEP 3: Keep adding warm clay until the foam is covered
STEP 4: To make your model smooth use a plane
STEP 5: Make a small line to divide your model
STEP 6: Cover the line with tape
STEP 7: To make it even smoother use this tool (it's a little rake, if you don't have this you can use a knife)
STEP 8: Make it even smoother with a ruler
STEP 9: Do this for the rest of you model (devide and make it smoother)
Optianal: give your model more shape
what kind of foam...what kind of clay...what is heathen'ing...what grade of plane would you use...why do you divide the model...how does the ruler make it smoother vs. a knife or plane...its an interesting instructable if it could be repeated.
And in stead of putting all of the steps on one page, use actual steps

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