Picture of Carnage Cosplay

This is a build for Dragon*Con 2013.

Hi, this build is for D*C 2013 in Atlanta. Last year I created the Mr Freeze Build and it turned out pretty well/ So lets try something different. :) If you like my work and designs check out my page Night Terrors of Gotham

Step 1: Materials

This time I'm making Carnage. As with all builds, you will need a little bit of patience. The total cost of this will be roughly $80 - $100 depending on where you get your Materials. Always keep in mind to be patient and take your time. If you rush, it will get sloppy. Read the directions first before assuming anything. If you have already done something and it worked, good for you, but if it doesn't, slow your roll, and please read all of the step instructions before acting.

Notice: This build is easy, somewhat cheap, and takes about 2 weeks to do if you are doing this casually.

Base tools:
Hot glue gun
Sharp Scissors
Exacto Knife
Sharpie pen (or a fabric pen)
Painters tape
thin / Wide paint brush (a kids paint bush is perfect)

Lycra Suit (make sure to get 1 size up from your normal size. the Sizing tool had me a large, I got it, I needed an XL. Fair warning)
Click Me!!! Amazon

Puff Paint
Go to Micheals / Hobby Lobby / craft Store or fabric Store
$1-$3 per bottle ( buy about 3, or more depending on how much you want to use. Always good to have extra)

Craft Foam
Micheals / Hobby lobby / Craft Store (be sure to get the paper thin kind, easier to use and play with)
$1 each (buy about 5)

Black Hot glue
Only use this Hot glue so it keeps the black look throughout
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$10.29 for a bag of 8 10inch sticks (Which is more than plenty)

Poster Board
$1 each (buy 2 or 3)

White See Through Material (this is all about your Judgement. You need to be able to see through this and function normally, so choose wisely)
Fabric Store / Jo Ann's 
$5 depending on size

Craft Store / Fabric Store
$2 per box

Industrial Velcro
Hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply)
Around $10 depending on where you go

Stretch Elastic Roll
Hardware Stores / Amazon
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$12 on Amazon

Styrofoam Head
Craft Store/ Hobby Lobby

That's it!!! Not alot of materials, and easy tools!!!
Warning - Sharp tools hurt, and so does hot glue!!! Be careful!!! I also do not condone violence, and i realize this is a very violent character. Please make this out of good fun, and not for violent acts. I make these builds out of passion and respect for the artist and writers who created these characters, please show the same respect.

That's sick!
astubbs11 year ago
Thank you for the detailed list!!! One of the best instructables!!!! Nice detail and the lists are awesome!
sokiboi781 year ago
Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)
Planet Rob (author)  sokiboi781 year ago
Dude that's great!!! Nice job!!!
Darkmon2 years ago
I LOVE this instructable!
Planet Rob (author)  Darkmon2 years ago
Thanks man!!!
Not bad. Just a bit too much black in the mouth, though.
Planet Rob (author)  Spottedfeather2 years ago
Its actually 2 different shades of black, and looks massively different in batter lighting. I promise!!! Ill add my D*C pic of my group as soon as I can :)
Johnt0078712 years ago
Awesome. If I see you I'll be sure to give you an Instructable High 5.
Planet Rob (author)  Johnt0078712 years ago
Ill be waitin for it!!!
This is great!
I have so many cosplays on my list currently, but this is definitely being added!

Great tutorial, too! It's simple and the point but still detailed!
Planet Rob (author)  Synonym-of-Antonym2 years ago
Thanks!!! I try to make it as easy as possible. when I first started, I couldn't find anything for beginners, and I had no idea where to get the materials. I ended up spending way to much and it took even longer. Then I found piece by piece at stores and then different types of foam, and it all started to fall together, and I eventually made my first tutorial which is the Mr. Freeze. Check it out if ya get a chance :) Hope my tutorials can help ya out!!! :)
I love when that happens and it just like, "sweet, this is perfect" Especially when it just works with everything else.
Yeah, I saw your Freeze a while ago, and I still think it's awesome, too!
Heaps cool
The Rambler2 years ago
Awesome. I like the addition of the hot glue. It really helps sell it.
Articas2 years ago
That mask is terrifying.
phenomenal !!! I love to do stuff like this
Thanks!!! Yeah, it's becoming a hobby, lol
poofrabbit2 years ago
I'm not sure that you can say Carnage is good looking with out getting kicked around by Carnage...however this is a REALLY good looking Carnage costume! Nice work!
Planet Rob (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Hahaha!!! Thanks!!!