Carnage! Face Paint.





Introduction: Carnage! Face Paint.

This was fun.

Step 1: Outline

Using a white eyeliner i outlined my idea.

Step 2: Red

Fill in around the white with red.

Step 3: Eyes

Fill in the eyes with white.

Step 4: Details

Taking matte black eyeshadow I added it around the white eye piece, and I also added a light outline on the inside of the eyes.

Step 5: Mouth

Fill in the gums with a peach colored body paint, then fill in the teeth with white body paint, after that go around the white with black body paint.

Step 6: More Detail

I then used matte black eyeshadow to add shadows around the gums, then I took black body paint to outline the mouth and also add small lines around the mouth for lips.

Step 7: Body

Fill in around your outline with red, then on the inside fill it in with black, don't forget about the teeth leave that clear.

Step 8: Teeth

Fill in the teeth with white.

Step 9: Lip?

Outline that bottom part messy with black body paint.

Step 10: Spit

Getting watered down white I added spit.

Step 11: Random Lines

Using black I added a random pattern.



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    Oh wow, this one creeps me out sooo much but it's amazing!!! Really so good! Ok, now I'm Instructables stalking you ;) You are really such a good artist!

    Haha aw thank you so much

    Incredible! Your absolutely neat skills just blow me away. A gigantic THANKS for sharing this.

    incredible just incredible just looking at this blew my mind it just did

    Did you go to art school?,because you are a natural at this

    Aw thank you so much! No I never went to school for this. =P

    Words are not enough to express how amazing your skin painting is but they will have to do! Amazing, awesome, insanely realistic, fantastic and wow! Thank you for sharing all of your magnificent instructables!

    thank you so much! that means a lot to me. =) I'm very happy you enjoy them.