At certain angles, the pendants made in this style remind me of the tilt'a'whirl my friends and I used to ride at the fair every year when I was a kid. At other angles, for some strange reason, I just want to tie dye them. They make me remember all those times when I would burst out laughing for no reason at all, and keep laughing and laughing and laughing. For me, they evoke a feeling of sheltered innocence. The kind of freedom you feel as a child running through the county fair, looking for the next “thrill” to ride, or twirling round and round in circles until you become so dizzy you fall, laughing with glee.

This tutorial teaches you how to make a relatively simple border wrap and embellish it whimsical woven swirls. So far I have not been able to duplicate, exactly, any of the designs I have made in this style. For that reason, please do not think of this tutorial as directions that are set in stone. They are really more of a set of techniques combined in a certain way to achieve a certain type of look. These pendants can end up elegant and graceful, fun and spirited, modern and industrial, or anything in between!

For the pendant in the photos, I am using round wire for the frame wires. You can also use square wire if you prefer. Also, if you are not able to get half round wire in your area, you can use 22g round wire that has been hammered to slightly flatten it. Just be sure to hammer it as evenly as possible all the way down the full length of the wire.

You will need to use my Basic Weaving Techniques tutorial as a reference to complete this project. You can find it here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Wire-Jewelry-Making-Basic-Weaving-Techniques/

• 25’ of 28g Round Dead Soft Wire
• 7” of 20g Half Round Half Hard Wire
• 54” of 20g Round Dead Soft Wire
• 1 25mm round cabochon

• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Wire cutters
• Flat nose pliers
• Bent nose pliers
• Ruler
• Marker
• Tape (optional)

Step 1:

Cut the 20g wire into 6 equal pieces (about 9” long). Separate the wires into 2 groups of 3 wires. Using the tape, wrap each group in three areas. One wrap on each end and one in the middle. Take care to be sure that the bundles, when wrapped, lay flat and no wires are crossing.
<p>thank you for this wonderful page!! I do wire wrapping as well; you can find me on Facebook if you'd like. I do give aways and special offers, and I believe very strongly in treating one another as teachers and artists rather than competition. The work it took to do these tutorials embodies that!</p>
<p>I am thrilled to have found your tutorial page! Your instructions are so thorough yet your designs leave much room for interpretation which is important because no two stones are the same. I used this technique to wrap a little amethyst chunk and I am thrilled with the results. The addition of this technique to my repertoire has really taken my jewelry making to the next level!! Thank you so much for this tutorial. If you would like to see the jewelry I make, the instagram for my shop is @aloha.oregon :) keep up the wonderful work!</p>
<p>I have to say that your tutorial was wonderful and taught me a lot about weaving a pendant. I made some similarly afterward, not the same, but with the techniques. I then have started branching into my own touches even more. How do you prefer credit given? </p>
Ohw... This could be much more than Carnival acessories... Exploring other wires and stones this could be completely jewelery awesome art. Pretty cool... Thanks for sharing it ;-)
<p>This is great! Thank you for all the time you spent both making this and detailing all the steps carefully, and with crystal clear instructions and pictures. I am trying to learn these techniques and you are one of my favorite teachers.</p>
<p>I can't thank you enough. I was losing momentum with my own wire work, and you have re-lit my fire. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! for openly sharing your beauty-full work (understatement) and explaining your techniques. I could HUG YOU ...if you were here and not n my computer screen. LOL Blessings. _/\_</p>
The basic weaving techniques link is gone!! Can you please repost??
Oh, so sorry about that. I've removed it from this site. You can still find it on my blog though. http://gailavira.blogspot.com/p/free-tutorials.html
<p>Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful master piece. The wire work looks so elegant and I can't wait to try to make this.</p>
wow, awesome <br>someday i'll try to make it, and give it to my wife, :D
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Gailavira/" rel="nofollow">Gailavira,</a></p><p>First I have to say your tutorial is amazing. Professionally done, clever macro photo shot and the spirit of your Will to let the reader understand your tutorial is unbeatable ! Thank you very much for your tutorial and I really appreciate it.</p><p>Attached is my work by following your tutorial. Using 20g and 26g wire and Sodalite ((3 x 4 cm). It took me 4 hours for the 'basket' + upper part yesterday, and 3 hours for the lower part today. I found it's very difficult to do the weaving as I'm not able to get a clean and neat weave.</p><p>Thank you VERY MUCH once again. I learned so much from you.</p><p>regards.</p>
<p>Because of you, and in fact it's you are the one beautiful at heart and will. Thank you very much. </p>
Wonderful tutorial! ii have some experience with wire work, but it's been a while. This inspired me to pick it up again. thanks!
Any way you could post tutorials for some other designs plz??
I do have a few tutorials here already, and I will probably post more in the future. If you don't want to wait for me to post others here though, you can find some more free tutorials on my web-site. Http://tutorial.gailavira.com . Just scroll to the bottom of the page to find the freebies.
My first try took four hours and i messed up a few places had to fix then sort of. This is my first try doing anything with wire.. Any tips?
That's your first try? That's amazing! <br> <br>The best tip I can give you is to keep working at it. Try doing smaller pieces that have curves in them just to get a better feel for the wire and how it moves. That will help you get the curves smoother on future pieces.
Your work is beautiful and inspiring! Thank you !!! &lt;3 Love, Light, and Blessings to you!!
Thanks so much for sharing!
I'm still reading through this but I must say that you are an amazing instructor!
This is such a phenomenal instructable. You take something that looks absolutely mind-blowingly confusing and break it down into something that's completely understandable! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and showing how some of these more complex wire-wraps break down!
How do you keep the free end of 28g wire from getting all tangled up while you're working with it?
I usually don't read jewelry instructables but as soon as I saw the picture I knew I had to see how to make this amazing pendant! <br>Great instructable
Gorgeous and amazing! :)
Congratulations! I just KNEW you would win, this is magnificent! :)
Impressive attention to detail in the instructable, and really amazing results. Thanks for sharing!
Congrats on being a finalist in the jewelry contest!
Great job here - I've never seen an Instructable with so many steps! I'm amazed and impressed and appreciate the time you put in here. I hope i can try to use these techniques sometime and make something beautiful!
THat was the most fun mouse scrolling i have done in a long time.
Incredible, beautiful and amazing! <br> <br>The love of your craft shows through your details. You should be very proud!!
WoW! All you'r tutorials are good, but this one's really out of this world! keep up the good work!;)
Wow. This is the longest 'ibble I've ever read. How long does it take you to make one of these things?!?
Wow, Donna, I couldn't believe it when I saw this tutorial of yours listed when I got my Instructables email!! I really suck at wirewrapping which is why I gave it up (other than wrapped loops and briolettes) and took up beadweaving which I <em>love</em> and am good at&nbsp;!<br> <br> But I'm going to give this a try. If I'm unsuccessful, it won't your fault because your instructions are excellent. I already know how clearly you explain things as I've previously downloaded your Basic Wire Weaving techniques. If I can't do it, it'll be me.<br> <br> Thanks for posting this on Instructables. You're a sweetie to do so!<br> And you forgot a happy childhood fun thing I used to love doing - rolling over and over down a hill with a friend. :-)
I'm sure you can do it!
I'll give it a good try, Donna - an honest effort, I promise. Right now, I've got a few beaded projects I'm working on (and I'm not a fast beader!) so will do it after I'm finished those. I want to thank you for all the free tutorials you offered and let you know just how beautiful and skillfully wrought your work is, even though I rarely post on JL. *If* I do a good job on making this, I'll post it for you to see.
nice tutorial with easy to understand step by step instructions...
roughly how many hours did it take you to make this? I have experience making chain mail belts and the like so I have an idea just how long those take.
It's been a few years since the first one I made, so I don't remember how long it took initially, but for the newer ones I've done, I've got it down to about 3-4 hours if I do all the swirls, 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours if I do less.
thats pretty good. making a chain mail belt out of aluminum wire 1.3mm thick took me over 100hours, felt much more like a chore than doing something fun. <br>most of the time is made making the loops and cutting them though.
WOW! I can't wait to get started! Thanks so much for sharing!
Can't wait to see what you make :)
I will try to remember to post it when I finish it. Unfortunately, it will be some time before I get started. I have too many irons in the fire and Procrastination is my arch nemesis. :D But I do want to do this, so I am putting it on my List. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this fantastic Instructible. I am excited!
I just have to say how much I appreciate the quality of your tutorials. You really photograph all of the steps so well and you word and describe in such a way that it is so easy to imagine being able to do this! This is a skill unto itself, creating a good tutorial. I am sure you are aware that many instructions are mediocrely done. Thank you for your hard work! <br>mer.
the epitome of awsomeness!
Thanks :)
This is the longest ever instructable I have ever seen since I joined and I think its totally worth it. The pendant is just jaw dropping awesome. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness. What a great instructable.
Thank you for the compliment :)
I agree completely!
This is awesome!!! I can't believe you really wrote 118 steps!!!

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