These fuzzy alien creatures are starving and have a taste for human brains.  Unfortunately they are somewhat short and will have to start with your legs. 

Step 1: Gather supplies

Green minky fabric, 1 yd
Brown rib knit fabric, 1 yd
small amount of felt, black and white
Scissors, rotary cutter, and cutting mat
1/4 inch elastic, 3 yds
small amount of polyfill
all purpose thread
sewing machine
serger with thread
I will turn these into socks
OMG! I'm seeing these as Cthulhu!!! :D
I have got to try this! What an excellent idea! Thanks so much for sharing :)<br>
Yeaaaah....THOSE ARE LITERALLY THE CUTEST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN.<br><br>:) Thanks for sharing!
Fun AND practical - 2 thumbs up!
VERY cute......almost makes me wish it got cold here so my Grandson could wear these!
This is hilariously adorable! Just amazing!
Thanks! :)

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