Step 6: Fill the trays with water and put your plants inside

Fill the trays with water and put your plants inside. Duckweed on the top of the water reflects heat and helps prevent evaporation, and looks nice too. I've tucked the extra pond liner under the tray to keep the wind from lifting it, and it looks tidy that way.
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Mattonator5 years ago
Dude, I am so jealous of your nepenthes and other carnivorous plants, I wish Australia stocked as many as America seems to. I have only recently got into gardening for a year or two and have a new fad for collecting carnivourous plants. The first one I got was from Bunnings wearhouse and this plant is thriving. The next one I got is from a specialized nursery in Brisbane and it is a huge climbing carnivourous pitcher plant. Also I am getting a venus flytrap for my Birthday. If you could recommend me some local shops that would be great, if not, can you just tell me what type of plants you have got (any Sundews or rare sucker plants) Great idea with the miniature ponds by the way and great instructable