Carol Costume From Where The Wild Things Are

Picture of Carol Costume From Where The Wild Things Are
This is an Instructable for the Carol from Where The Wild Things Are costume I made. Feel free to message me any questions or leave them in the comments, please vote for me!

Since this is my first Instructable I tried to make it detailed, but if you have any questions let me know. I made this head peice into Carol but by changing the fabric it could easily be modified to your giant mascot head needs. When I decided to make this costume I scoured the internet, but I had trouble finding something that gave detailed instructions. I picked and chose different elements in order to make my head, and I love the way it turned out. For those who are worried about time spent with this costume, I made it less than a week before Halloween, so you can do it too! Good luck!
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Step 1: Materials Used

Picture of Materials Used

I went to my local craft store (JoAnn's) for the supplies, and a quick run to Lowe's for pipe insulators and duct tape.

Things you'll need:

First of all a Giant Jar of Patience, a costume making must-have
A couple of newspapers with the adds if possible
Cardboard boxes ( big enough to cut at least two giant circles out of )
Cardstock ( I recycled pop boxes )
A Wire Hanger
Pipe Insulation Tube ** With Double Stick Tape**( I bought mine at Lowe's but most hardware stores have them )
Duct Tape
Low Temp Hot Glue Gun with extra glue sticks

Creme Fleece
Light Tan Fleece
Fun Fur ( I used a dark brown fur that was longer and shagger than some of the other furs )
Yellow Felt
White Felt
Textured Red Felt
Black Felt
Two Medium Bags of Poly-Fil type stuffing
Altogether it cost about 35 dollars for the supplies, also was about 15 dollars for the outfit ( a striped shirt and khakis that I drew a feather pattern on).

imprimus1 year ago
Best WTWTA costume instructable I've seen.
wild_thing_carol (author)  imprimus1 year ago
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)