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15 years ago we moved to the country and by Halloween I had met only a few of our neighbors.  Hoping to attract attention from like-minded souls, I displayed a few outdoor halloween items and a few days later an anonymous letter (along with religious brochures) appeared in our mailbox stating we were ' ...corrupting the children of the neighborhood by participating in Satan's holiday'.  


At first I was both hurt and embarrassed, but later realized the only way to get back to "anon" was to create a bigger and better display each year.  I now claim myself to be the victor because "anon" has stopped renewing my subscription to Guideposts (a faith based magazine) and each year the cemetery compliments increase.  

I have added a carriage style hearse to this year's haunt, and designed it with following in mind...
  • easy to set up and take down with minimal storage requirements
  • inexpensive, using as many recycled materials as possible
  • simple construction, using hand tools and a drill, dremel, jigsaw, staple gun
  • sturdy enough to withstand wind gusts up to 60 mph 
I'm really pleased with the outcome and thought I'd share my efforts in hopes that you too might consider building a hearse for your neighborhood.

danlynne072 years ago
Congratulations on your win too. :) this is such a fun website huh? I'm so glad my cousin told me about it.
kcli (author)  danlynne072 years ago
I totally agree...it really keeps my juices flowing. ;-)

Have a great ThankFestiChanuKwansMas holiday!
kcli (author) 2 years ago
HaHa...Maybe i'll be remembered (on my tombstone) as the cray-z lady that always decorated for "Satan's Holiday"
mikeasaurus2 years ago
The intro story is great. I hope you keep building on to your yard decorations and your place becomes the place for Halloween decorations in your neighbourhood!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
kcli (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thanks for your positive vibes and sweet comment!
kcli (author) 2 years ago
What a nice comment! ;-).

It's funny...what started out as an embarrassment has turned into a passion. Halloween is soooo much fun
danlynne072 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist.I have my fingers crossed for you.I have horses and love Carriages and carts of all kinds and I love this one.Great job and I'm glad you didn't give up because of that neighbor .
ccbarrett2 years ago
Another great Halloween - you've topped yourself.
l8nite2 years ago
Something similar has been kicking around in my head for a couple years. My biggest problem is STORAGE, we already over fill a 20' box truck and a 12x14' shed so I read this with a LOT of interest and although it's not what I have pictured in my mind you've given me some great ideas.

I started building a winged demon horse last year to pull the soul chariot but the pvc I was using didn't work as well as I had hoped (unstable, sway backed etc) so I rethought the design and found a large wire frame reindeer which I'm redesigning now with an "ible" in the works. Of course it meant a rescaling of the entire project but that may work for the best since we are quickly running out of room for decorations outside the home HAUNT
kcli (author)  l8nite2 years ago
Wow, you must have quite the haunt! I look forward to seeing your winged-horse "ible", especially since I want to build one next year.
l8nite kcli2 years ago
I have several "ibles" on previous haunts and haunt related builds
You are so talented!! I absolutely love this! So happy to be following your posts! Steph :)
kcli (author)  The Steph Show2 years ago
Thanks for your kind words. It was so much fun to plan & construct.
MaryKMeier2 years ago
Creepy cool......how very creative! I can't imagine all the thought you put into this. I love following your latest artful endeavors. Thanks for sharing!
kolowinter2 years ago
Looks to me that this belongs on an Artists site, vs. Craft -- though fine craftsmanship was certain not lacking!

It's obvious you enjoyed every step of the process and I imagine it was a labor of love that consumed (in a GOOD way!) hours of planning, researching, critical thinking, accumulating, etc. Thank you for taking great notes along the way and being willing to share your Sin-Eater with us.

I also appreciate your cost documentation -- nice touch! It showcases your resourcefulness by providing LOTS of creative alternatives!!!