Picture of Carrom Board, building an indian game
In this instructable I want to show you how to build a Carrom Game. Of course there are several ways to do it, but i figured out a technique how all the parts fit well together when being assembled (if you have professional tool you may skip some steps...).

shopping list:

- A square wooden plate with one nice surface (for optical reasons). Should be around 15 to 20 mm thick (0.6 - 0.8 inch), the thiker the better. the measures you have to sample from the image below, the lateral length "L" has to be L = a + b + a (if you wanna take my measures it´s 1134mm)
- 4 wooden strips of hardwood (e.g. beech) for the frame, and again, the harder the better. measures are (length, width, height) 969 x 60 x 20 mm. If you don´t have very accurate tools, leave them a few cm longer.
- 4 pieces of woodenplate for the corners, if possible as thick as the frame strips, measures 110 x 110 x 20 mm.
- Transparent Paint and paint rollers for a smooth surface. Use hard paint like parquet floor paint. you will need around 4 layers ( = 4 square meters).
- Eddings, a long ruler and compass for the marks.
- Sandpaper (120, 320, 600, 1000).
- hole saw, diameter 45mm
- different tools you should find in your workshop.
-4 decorative strips as wide as the thickness of the corner plate + baseplate (40mm). length around 1200mm, thickness 10mm
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kalavala made it!1 month ago

I like how you did it... I have been thinking of making it for a while and finally made one that looks, and feels like a professional one. I created a blog explaining each and every step to make one from scratch. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and watching a short video as well. Attached is the picture of my custom carrom board.

Visit my blog at

Good luck to all those makers out there!

artworker2 years ago
By the beard of Bramha! This is awesome!
Bless you for posting carrom ible.
Now all I nead is an ible for a heavy striker and the coins.