Picture of Carrot salad
Carrot salad with raisins, pineapple, mint, and spices. Cold salads are perfect for a hot summer.

Step 1: Shred carrots and add pineapple

Picture of Shred carrots and add pineapple
A couple of weeks ago it actually got HOT here in the bay area, where air conditioning is unknown and usually unnecessary. We sat around all melty, looking for excuses to open freezer. Running the stove or oven was right out, so we revisited the grand world of cold salads and other uncooked food. This carrot salad is one of my favorites.

Grate two pounds of carrots. I used the shredder blade in my food processor, but you Luddites can certainly hand-grate your carrots.

Add 2 cans of crushed pineapple or pineapple chunks. Make sure that your pineapple is packed in juice, not syrup, as you're adding the liquid too.

Obviously you can halve this recipe if you like, but I'm going to keep running with these proportions to ensure leftovers.
grannyjones3 years ago
Cardamon, I'd guess.
It goes good with sweet things, like pfeffernusse.
Coriander, Maybe sausage or pizza sauce.
kearnsafix5 years ago
coriander or cardamom? coriander is listed in the text wile cardamom is listed in the photo. Thanks
You should have made this on orange day...
ruggrat7 years ago
I just made this and it is delicous! I tried to get my boyfriend to try some, but it wasn't enough to surmount his hatred of carrots. But it's perfect for this sticky august day. Good job.
bravo7307 years ago
looks disgusting
that is disgusting sorry ,but thats just my opinion from looking... I don't know maybe not.
canida (author)  the_burrito_master7 years ago
It tastes good, just looks a bit gory.
kenneth12479 years ago
This is one I will have to try!