Step 6: Add ginger

In this case I only had leftover ginger sauce (reduced ginger juice + sugar) available because someone juiced all the ginger in the house.

I used 1T of the ginger sauce, but 1-2T of fresh grated ginger plus a squirt of honey would have been preferable.
Cardamon, I'd guess.<br>It goes good with sweet things, like pfeffernusse.<br>Coriander, Maybe sausage or pizza sauce.
coriander or cardamom? coriander is listed in the text wile cardamom is listed in the photo. Thanks
You should have made this on orange day...
I just made this and it is delicous! I tried to get my boyfriend to try some, but it wasn't enough to surmount his hatred of carrots. But it's perfect for this sticky august day. Good job.
looks disgusting
that is disgusting sorry ,but thats just my opinion from looking... I don't know maybe not.
It <em>tastes</em> good, just looks a bit gory.<br/>
This is one I will have to try!

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