We have all been there, working on someones computer wishing you had your programs, your operating system, your data. you can put it on a flash drive, but after carrying all your programs, your going to need a lot of flash drives right? there is a simple solution for this, get a external HDD. These are still small enough to be portable but can hold anywhere from 20 gb to over 2 terabytes and run from a standard usb port which every computer is made with making a universal tool. This HDD can be loaded with everything you need to fix or work on a computer.

My aim with this instructable is to make the ultimate guide to putting everything you can need on a portable HDD. That being said i apologize for the length of this article and i will make a sort of index on step 2 to skip around at your will.

Step 1: What You Need...

I will guide you through how to put a portable Windows OS, a Linux standalone OS, A Portable Application Launcher, A encrypted section, and all the tools needed to analyze and fix a malware, spyware or otherwise inflicted computer.

What You Need...

1.) A External HDD these can be found decently priced almost anywhere. Newegg is always
      a stupendous option.

2.) A copy of Linux. The best three are Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux, and Webconverger.

3.) A Licensed Copy of Windows. How you obtain it is on you.

4.) TrueCrypt freeware. Available here

5.) A copy of PortableApps. Available here

6.) A Portable Anti-virus scanner. I will be using Clamwin available free here

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