Picture of Carry on (with your canoe) and Have a Cupcake!
These cupcakes are for a colleague's farewell party. He enjoys everything outdoor and even has a bumper sticker of the portage sign on his Jeep. To translate his hobbies and personality onto cupcakes, I attempted my very first stencilling using royal icing on fondant.

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Step 1: Roll your fondant

Picture of Roll your fondant
I created the fondant myself using tiny marshmallows or you can also use store bought yellow fondant. Roll out fondant to approximately 1/4" thick.

Step 2: Cut out fondants

Picture of Cut out fondants
3-fondant squares.JPG
Use a square cutter (or a square shaped lid of a tin can), cut out pieces of square from the fondant.

Step 3: Let them dry while you work on canoes

Picture of Let them dry while you work on canoes
5-Roll long strands of fondant.JPG
Lay them flat and let dry. Make sure they are not touching each other. While you're waiting, roll the remaining fondant into long strands, approximately 1/2" thick. Cut them with a sharp knife to no larger than 2 inches long. Those will be the body of the canoes.

Step 4: Squeeze and Poke

Picture of Squeeze and Poke
Squeeze both ends of the fondant to shape like a canoe.
Add some powdered sugar if marshmallow fondant gets sticky.
Using the tip of the chopstick, poke in the middle to form the inside.
Then, with black fondant, roll another long thin strand about 1/8" thick and cut them into 3/4" long.
These will be the sticks of the paddle.
Roll some black fondants into a small ball and "glue" them to one end of the black strand with bit of water.
Press the ball flat to form the paddle.
Let all pieces dry for few hours or until harden.

Step 5: Create Your Stencil

Picture of Create Your Stencil
While you leave your fondants to dry, create your stencil. This can be any images you wish and in this case, I googled up a portage graphic to use.
Print it out on a piece of paper, making sure the size of the image is within the size of your square fondants.
With a plastic transparency, trace and carefully cut out the shape using an exact-o-knife.

Very cute! They look super yummy too :D
angelichigo (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you :)
Awesome idea!