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Introduction: Cart Cup Clip

Have you ever tried to hold your drink in one hand and push a shopping cart with the other? Have you set a drink down in your cart and had it spill all over? The Cart Cup Clip can help. Just simply clip it anywhere on a shopping cart and you no longer have to worry! With its durable design formed on the Makerbot Replicator 2X it has the capability to withstand any beverage you desire.

Step 1: Drawing the Design

The first step is to draw the sketch of the cup holder. Drawing supplies you need include paper, pencils, ruler, T-square, compass, and a triangle. I did research to see the standard size of a cup holder and found that the depth is 2 1/2" and the diameter of the opening is 3 1/2". The cup holder must also have a clip attached so it can be hung on a shopping cart.

Step 2: Design in the Computer

I chose to use Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015. This program is a good choice for making extrusions that will be 3D printed by using digital prototyping. It is a very simple program to use, but there are also other choices for the 3D printer. This format is easily exported to the Makerware software. I used a 20% infill making the product very durable and sturdy.

Step 3: Printing the Product

I chose to use a Makerbot Replicator 2X to print the Cart Cup Clip. I have attached a time lapse of the printing process. The four hours it took to print is shrunk down to less than 30 seconds in which you can see it build from the bottom to the top and all the supported needed to form it.

Step 4: Use Your Cart Cup Clip

Once the product has finished printing, it can be clipped onto any shopping cart to hold the beverage of your choosing.



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    Brilliant project and a very nice first instructable!

    Here´s another shopping-cart-related project I just finished, if you are interested:

    Brilliant project and a very nice first instructable!

    Here´s another shopping-cart-related project I just finished, if you are interested:

    This is brilliant! I've often wanted something similar for my phone as I have my grocery list on it. I've always been thinking some kind of holder much like what you have in a car but this is so much simpler.

    very nice job. very versatile and with good styling. I hope to see many more inventions from you.

    A perfect example of why 3d printing is awesome. Need something custom that nobody makes? Make one yourself! Nice work. Have you uploaded your design to thingiverse or similar? Also, did you use infill or did you make this solid?

    1 reply

    Yes, I used an infill of 20% and it makes it very sturdy and durable.

    This is such a wonderful and useful item!

    This is really cool! I like your art-deco design style, and the general idea. Nice job!

    Nice idea! This looks like a pretty good solution for those of us that can't live without our beverage of choice close at hand!

    1 reply

    Thank You seamster!