Cartoon Face


Introduction: Cartoon Face

Pop Art Makeup is well known for the bold primary colors, exaggerated contours and lots of dots. They are visually striking, fun to do and wear.

The materials required are few and very easy to buy in many drugstores.

-White Eyeliner

-Black liquid eyeliner

-Red lipstick

-Blue facepaint

Step 1: Drawing Lines, Dots and Final Details.

Start out with drawing lines of definition above your cheekbones, down one side of your nose and blocking out your eyebrows. These lines can be as bold as you want and should be really defined. If you feel like you need to add more lines such as "eleven" lines next to your eyebrows adding these lines can develop the comic book look.

Outline your lips with the black eyeliner, and fill them in with red lipstick. Take the black eyeliner and do a cat eyeliner look on both eyes. Draw a small exaggerated teardrop under one of your eyes, and fill this in with blue face paint.

You are done using the eyeliner and all other materials and the only left to do is use the white eyeliner to create rows of small dots all over your face. If you want to you can also add a small white triangle on your bottom lip to emphasize the comic book character look.



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