Introduction: Cartoon Face the Ed Emberley Way

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Step 1: The Outline

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Just draw the outline of the head.

Step 2: The Cap

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Just follow the pics of the cap.

Step 3:

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Step 4: Try Your Best

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Step 5:

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Step 6:

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Step 7: Have Fun

Picture of Have Fun

Step 8: Add Your Own Things to the Face

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Step 9: Facial Features

Picture of Facial Features

Add facial features.

Step 10: My Cartoon's Face

Picture of My Cartoon's Face

Step 11: Add the Body

Picture of Add the Body

Step 12: Simple Supplies

Picture of Simple Supplies

Pencil,pen and paper.

Step 13: The Book

Picture of The Book

You can buy this book online I found it at A.C.Moore.


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