Here I am going to show you how to carve a pumpkin with duct/duck tape, I thought up this idea when I was going to start carving my pumpkin and I did not want to draw the picture on because its can be hard to get the marker off, so I cut some duct/duck tape and used it as a stencil. For me, this work a lot better and I think the result was really cool

You will need:

-Duct/duck tape (doesn't matter what brand it is)
-Knifes (i carved my pumpkin with an x-acto knife)
-picture or drawing (what every you want the pumpkin to look like)

Step 1: Prepare the Stencil

First, decide what you want to carve on your pumpkin, I chose a wolf in front of a moon, then cut it out and place it on top of a piece of duck tape. Now cut it out. I'm also going to show you how to carve the instructables robot into your pumpkin. Once the stencil is cut out apply it to your pumpkin
Instead of duct tape ypu can use painters tape. I covered a sheet of acetate with the painters tape then put the sheet of covered acetate intp my printer and printed put my pattern right pnto the painters tape. I then carefully removed the painters tape from the acetate and applied it directly onto my pumpkin..<br>Worked like a charm.
Hey, I really loved yous pumpkin and I did mine but, I didn't use more than my memory and a knife. <br>Of course, it wasn't as nice as yours(I did it in an hour and a half, just before going out with my niece)
That's awesome Rossyta! looks like simba on pride rock<br><br>
nice! looks good
What kind of lighting do you use in your pumpkins?Is that just a candle?
Cool, good job with the wolf
Amazing. You have my vote. I will try to post pics when I am done using your method.
Amazing wolf carving...<br><br>You should enter it in the Duct tape contest...<br><br>GREAT job!
thanks! i did but either its not been approved or its not duck tapey enough
Wow, thats amazing!
That wolf pumpkin is BA. I want one.
Incredible wolf carving.<br><br>But of course I'm biased.

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