Step 5: The finished Pumpkin

Here are some pictures of what my pumpkins looked like. Hope yours turn out!

Ask if you have any questions

Hey, I really loved yous pumpkin and I did mine but, I didn't use more than my memory and a knife. <br>Of course, it wasn't as nice as yours(I did it in an hour and a half, just before going out with my niece)
That's awesome Rossyta! looks like simba on pride rock<br><br>
nice! looks good
What kind of lighting do you use in your pumpkins?Is that just a candle?
Cool, good job with the wolf
Amazing. You have my vote. I will try to post pics when I am done using your method.
Amazing wolf carving...<br><br>You should enter it in the Duct tape contest...<br><br>GREAT job!
thanks! i did but either its not been approved or its not duck tapey enough
Wow, thats amazing!
That wolf pumpkin is BA. I want one.
Incredible wolf carving.<br><br>But of course I'm biased.

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