Picture of Carve a book into a engagement ring case.
       In this instructable I will explain the steps I follow to carve and decorate a book into a creative case for an engagement ring. This idea came to me because I wanted to propose to my girlfriend in a creative way, and with something that she wouldn’t think could have a ring inside. In addition to that, my girlfriend is a book freak, so what better way to gave her a surprise but with a book.

Step 1: Tools and materials:

Picture of Tools and materials:
This is the list of materials and tools I used:
- A hard cover book (thick enough to fit the ring)
- Scrapbooking paper (I used 5 different papers)
- Yuca Starch (Cassava)
- Thin cardboard (optional)
- Sponge
- Red fabric
- 3M Spray Mount

- Exacto knife
- Paint brush
zak2312 years ago
Thank you so much! I asked my girlfriend to prom with this, I just didn't include the ring or the ring holder and filled the cavity with wrapped chocolates.
fado1986 (author)  zak2312 years ago
Nice!!! Hope she enjoyed. Thanks for the comment.