Picture of Carve a book into a engagement ring case.
       In this instructable I will explain the steps I follow to carve and decorate a book into a creative case for an engagement ring. This idea came to me because I wanted to propose to my girlfriend in a creative way, and with something that she wouldn’t think could have a ring inside. In addition to that, my girlfriend is a book freak, so what better way to gave her a surprise but with a book.
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Step 1: Tools and materials:

Picture of Tools and materials:
This is the list of materials and tools I used:
- A hard cover book (thick enough to fit the ring)
- Scrapbooking paper (I used 5 different papers)
- Yuca Starch (Cassava)
- Thin cardboard (optional)
- Sponge
- Red fabric
- 3M Spray Mount

- Exacto knife
- Paint brush

Step 2: Preparing the book

Picture of Preparing the book
       As you can see I used an old math book. I choose it because there were three versions in my house, so one less wouldn’t make a difference. The first thing you want to do is rip the hard cover off. This is done by removing the paper that is attached to the cardboard all around the cover. You can use your finger nails, and help yourself with the exacto knife. Be careful not to cut the little flaps that go from the book itself to the cover, because you would need them later. When you are finish you will end with something similar to what the pictures show.
zak2312 years ago
Thank you so much! I asked my girlfriend to prom with this, I just didn't include the ring or the ring holder and filled the cavity with wrapped chocolates.
fado1986 (author)  zak2312 years ago
Nice!!! Hope she enjoyed. Thanks for the comment.