Everyone has one....everyone wants to get rid of them.
What are they? Zucchini!
Everybody who plants zucchini drastically miscalculates how fast these plants grow, and end up planting way too many. In another desperate attempt to keep zucchini out of my dinner, I have decided to carve a particularly large one for Halloween.
I am assuming that you have basic pumpkin-carving skills before trying this....but you may be able to do this without prior knowledge.

Step 1: Find an oversized zucchini

First, you will need to find an oversized zucchini. I left one to grow on the vine until it got large enough to carve. (I can't remember exactly how long it took to grow, maybe around a month.)

Other tools/materials:

1. small knife/saw
2. large knife (optional)
3. spoon
4. 3 toothpicks (optional)
5. newspaper/protective covering
6. candle
7. tinfoil
8. your hands
take the skin off on the tooth and make his tooth look better.
It is nice. The carved zucchini reminds me of that cucumber from Veggie Tales...
It's supposed to be!<br />
big zucchini
LOL! That's one big zucchini. And one weird jack-o-lantern.
will cucumbers work too?
argggghhhhhh!!!!!! Tis a courgette!!! anyway cool instructable
WOAH! GREAT! haha I hated Veggie Tales, but this looks fun and different! and I loved the comical atmosphere while reading this too!
This is an awesome project! Well done.
dude i used to live off that show
they turned blue what could i do she had a beard and it felt wierd my friends all laughed OSTA!!!!
...veggie tales?
Thats what I was just thinking.
larry the zucchini? hair brush. bob ahhh. fun
VeggieTales!! hahahah cool
We did this all the time as kids! For some reason my dad always planted way too much zucchini...but I digress. Cool and fun instructable.
Why don't you take them all to the local homeless shelter? I'm sure the homeless people would love some zucchini soup! How funny would it be..... Rent and board costs- $1000 Prepare Zucchini soup for dinner- $150 60 homeless men walking out on a free feed....... PRICELESS!!!!

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