I own a couple CarveWright small format CNC machines. I bought my first CarveWright in January 2007 and another in August 2007 to keep up with my project "ta-do" list.

After a few months, I ended up getting the attention of the CarveWright company and have been designing monthly projects for them ever since. What started as a casual hobby has ended up being a very enjoyable and rewarding full-time occupation I never dreamed I would end up doing.

Here's some photos of a some projects I've made with my CarveWrights...

Thank you! I have quite a few more projects to post...one of these days I might get caught up!
As a scrolled through the photos I was thinking &quot;hey, these photos were all ripped off from mtylerfl!&quot; <br>Scrolled back up to see who the author was, and was glad to see it was you. <br>I've known for years that you did some great projects, but to see them gathered into one place is impressive.
Wow these are fantastic! Nice work!
Thank you very much! I peeked at some of your work too - fun stuff!! This website is new to me - feeling like a kid in a candy store!
Why thanks! Yes, I would agree with the kid in a candy store comment! I lurked and played around on the site a long time before posting, it's very addictive and a fantastic way to get your own creative juices flowing!
All of these projects look amazing!

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