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Introduction: CarveWright Projects

I own a couple CarveWright small format CNC machines. I bought my first CarveWright in January 2007 and another in August 2007 to keep up with my project "ta-do" list.

After a few months, I ended up getting the attention of the CarveWright company and have been designing monthly projects for them ever since. What started as a casual hobby has ended up being a very enjoyable and rewarding full-time occupation I never dreamed I would end up doing.

Here's some photos of a some projects I've made with my CarveWrights...



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    Thank you! I have quite a few more projects to of these days I might get caught up!

    As a scrolled through the photos I was thinking "hey, these photos were all ripped off from mtylerfl!"
    Scrolled back up to see who the author was, and was glad to see it was you.
    I've known for years that you did some great projects, but to see them gathered into one place is impressive.

    Thank you very much! I peeked at some of your work too - fun stuff!! This website is new to me - feeling like a kid in a candy store!

    Why thanks! Yes, I would agree with the kid in a candy store comment! I lurked and played around on the site a long time before posting, it's very addictive and a fantastic way to get your own creative juices flowing!