Picture of Carved wooden spoon - Bushcraft style
Last weekend i was wandering around my local outdoors shop and , out of the corner of my eye, spotted a hooked carving knife. I've always wanted to try one of these and had a piece of ash at home that was just asking to be carved into something( this was an off cut from when i was trying to make a paddle). I decided to try and make a spoon without using any power tools, only things that i already have, or could easily incorporate into my wild camping kit. 

Hook knife
Sandpaper (rough to fine)
Oil (vegetable or sunflower) 
Rag (to apply oil) 
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Step 1: Splitting

Picture of Splitting
One of the most useful bits of kit i always carry when i'm wild camping is my axe (note this is always canoe based wild camping so weight is of little issue). With this in mind i started by splitting the piece of ash into a more usable size. Looking at the split wood you'll notice one end is thicker than the other. The thicker end became the bowl of the spoon and the thinner the handle.
The next step was to sand down the rough split so that an outline could be drawn on, as a guide to work from. 

Step 2: Shaping

Picture of Shaping
The other main piece of kit i carry is my knife ( used for everything from prepping food to lighting fires). Here i used it to carve down the  outline into a very rough spoon shape on the sides. Then used it to shape the back of the bowl and do some finer work on the handle. 
wigglyarms1 year ago
I will definitely try this. I don't know where to find a hook knife offhand, are they expensive? I'm sure I will figure something out. Thanks for sharing!
the binks (author)  wigglyarms1 year ago
I bought mine from a local outdoors shop that specializes in bushcrafty stuff, you can find it online here
It wasn't expensive £15 to £20 if i remember rightly. A quick search on amazon brought up a few
the binks (author) 1 year ago
Thanks, its one a made myself. Great for carving.
Looks really good.

That's a nice knife.