Picture of Carving An Egg
Carving eggs can be a lot of fun, if you get good at it and enjoy this kind of art work.

MATERIALS: be creative!
For this project I used
Goose egg, blown and cleaned- eBay
Faux silk cloth- Joan's fabrics- $7.50
Enamel paints(these work best in my opinion)-2.00
Craft hinges- Michael's- 1.50
Chain- the kind for beading/necklaces
Some kind of edging if you want
I use a Dremel, but any high-speed rotary tool will work
Various cutting/engraving bits
Charcoal or soft lead pencils
Gum eraser

This is my first instructable so help is welcome!
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Step 1: Choose Your Egg

Choosing an egg will decide exactly how much you can do. For this project I used a goose egg for the size and to help keep costs down. But you can use whichever kind you want, it's up to you!

Step 2: Plan

I don't have any pictures of this step because I just carved as I saw fit, but planning out what you want to do is always important. Some questions you should ask yourself:
Who/what is it for?
What do I want it to look like in the end?
Functional or pretty to look at?
Does it matter if it doesn't look exactly as planned?
If you plan on hinging your egg, now is the time to figure that out. Place the hinge where you want it, and pencil in the holes where the screws go. Using a drill bit, create holes to fill with hot glue later.

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
This step requires a lot of patience and delicacy, and the pieces will be incredibly fragile.
Following the lines that you have drawn onto the egg, use the Dremel and a cutting disk at the highest speed possible to limit the vibration. Do this very slowly, and I have found that turning the egg while holding the Dremel in one place, you have a little more control over the speed that way. As you get to the corners or the ends of your cut be even more careful, these spots are the most likely to break.
JoLoveN1 year ago
That's awesome! She'll definitely love it!!
blee47 (author) 1 year ago
That's my plan eventually. Not this egg, this was just for valentines day, but I'm working on a series to propose with.
JoLoveN1 year ago
Cool idea! That could be a neat way to propose or to give jewelry! Women would love it. Use glitter, paint, googlie eyes (for silly eggs) anything to show you made it personally for sum1! Love it!!