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Introduction: Carving Fun

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I have a fun relaxing project for the whole family. Imagine the satisfactio of your kid eating his cereal with his spoon!

Step 1:

First you need a block of wood you can find it a must hardware stores or places that sell carving material or firewood.

Step 2:

Draw a sharpie outline of a spoon on your block of wood.

Step 3:

Heat up a rock or coal and put it in the bowl part of the spoon until you burn a bowl in the spoon. Then carve out the black part so you have a clean spoon bowl.

Step 4:

Then take your time and start carving on your spoon till you can almost completely see the finished product. Then use a dremel tool and sand it to its finished product.

Step 5:

And have some family fun together.



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    5 Discussions

    May i suggest buying a book called the little book of whittling?

    this is a great diy project love it

    This is a great way to make the bowl of the spoon without any special tools! This method seems more accurate as how people would have made spoons minus the dremel.

    your spoon's a bit sloppy. try using a knife and sanding by hand also your bowl is a bit unorthodox hook knives do a good job. an exemplary spoon is the one morfmir made.

    A hook knife (,130,43332,43393&ap=1 ) will give you a nicer result for finishing the bowl of the spoon. Use a scraper to prep the wood prior to final sanding and finishing. For finishing use a food grade wood sealer or walnut oil. I would use maple or a similar smooth, tight grained wood for best results. Avoid resinous woods like pine and cedar, as they will leach through the finish and give you food an odd or unpleasant taste.