Carving Sticks Into Wooden Flowers





Introduction: Carving Sticks Into Wooden Flowers

This is a little whittling craft I started doing that's fun and easy.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

Really all you need for this is a pocket knife.

optional tools
- hatchet or axe
- folding saw
- carving knife
- box cutting knife
- chainsaw (the picture is not the one I use)

a chainsaw maybe a little overkill.

Step 2: Find a Stick

You will want to find a stick that is about 6" or longer, and that has a section about 1" or more without a knot. Either green or dead wood will work. You can do it with a knot if you have a sharp enough knife.

Step 3: Carve the Flower Stem

Be careful when carving and don't carve towards yourself. Now carve the part of the stick that you want to be the stem down to your desired diameter. Taper the bottom of the stem is will be the bottom of the flower. Be sure to leave 3" or more above the stem, this will be your petals and handle.

Step 4: Carve the Flower Petals.

To make the petals carve carefully and slowly towards the stem. Be sure not to cut right through. Just before you finish the cut turn the blunt end of your blade up about 45°-90°. You now have a petal. Now repeat this process all the way around. When your done you first row, repeat the same step below your last row. Do as many rows as you like. When you are almost out of center wood you can simply brake the center out.

Step 5: Finishing Up.

After you have disconnected the center, your flower may appear closed. You can fix this by carefully pushing the petals back. You might have to do this more then once.

Step 6: Your Done!

That's It! But it doesn't have to be. You can paint you flower if you like. Don't feel discouraged if your first few attempts fail. Just keep practicing and have fun. Even try it differently if you like. At the end of the day, it's all about having fun.

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    1 Questions


    would it help to steam them, at the end, to control them better and get them to curve and open up ?

    It probably would. I may have to try that.


    Cute idea, I'd like to make a wreath with these.

    I've never seen this done with a stick before! What a cute and clever idea :)

    1 reply