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Introduction: Carving Tool Organiser

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I have started learning to carve so I have a small collection of carving tools.I needed an organiser to keep them safe from falls that may damage them,this is my build!

Step 1: Cut Your 2" and 3/4" Waste Pipe to Length

  • Measure your carving tools and cut your waste pipe to length accordingly
  • Leave enough of each tool visible from the pipe so they are easily identified when needed for work.
  • I cut my pipes using my Mitre saw,but a handsaw would work just as good.
  • DO NOT forget to cut extra pieces of pipe for your future carving tool purchases!!

Step 2: Cut Osb to Size & Hot Glue Pipeing Inside

  1. I cut a piece of mdf into a square for the base,then made 4 side walls all from scrap osb and pine which made this a cheap project.
  2. The left and right sides I cut at a 20o angle for visual appeal.
  3. I then screwed and glued the box together.
  4. I roughed up the waste pipe with sandpaper and used Chestnut Blue Spirit Stain to stain the pipes and osb box Blue.
  5. OSB has a cool marble effect when stained & the pipes held the stain well.
  6. I used Rustoleum Crystal Clear spray to give the box a sealed finish.
  7. I then hot glued all the pipes around the inside edge of the box.
  8. I chose to leave an open space in the box centre to put some sandpaper and my sharpening kit.
  9. I also store some drill bits, screw drivers and pencils that I use the most in the box.

Step 3: I Made a YouTube Video

I made a YouTube video of the build process as you-tubing and woodworking are my favourite hobbies! Please have a look at my video & subscribe if you like it! here is the link to the Carving Tool Organiser Build;

& to see my other videos & channel look here!

I hope you all like my First Instructables!



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    I like this idea a lot! Well done. I may construct something similar and put foam on the bottom so the knife ends stay protected or store them sharp side up. Thanks for sharing.

    1 reply

    Great ideas Katlinbr,if you make one please share here I would love to see it!!

    That's a great idea! I love finding uses for my scraps!

    1 reply

    Yes I love using my scrap wood i make artwork with my hard wood scraps!I dont like waste!

    I had no idea you could stain pvc. Does it stay or does it flake off eventually?

    1 reply

    its stayed on mine and doesn't come off,this could differ depending on stain you use.I just gave the outside of the pipes a sanding until they were textured then let the stain soak in.