Carving Tool Organiser





Introduction: Carving Tool Organiser

I have started learning to carve so I have a small collection of carving tools.I needed an organiser to keep them safe from falls that may damage them,this is my build!

Step 1: Cut Your 2" and 3/4" Waste Pipe to Length

  • Measure your carving tools and cut your waste pipe to length accordingly
  • Leave enough of each tool visible from the pipe so they are easily identified when needed for work.
  • I cut my pipes using my Mitre saw,but a handsaw would work just as good.
  • DO NOT forget to cut extra pieces of pipe for your future carving tool purchases!!

Step 2: Cut Osb to Size & Hot Glue Pipeing Inside

  1. I cut a piece of mdf into a square for the base,then made 4 side walls all from scrap osb and pine which made this a cheap project.
  2. The left and right sides I cut at a 20o angle for visual appeal.
  3. I then screwed and glued the box together.
  4. I roughed up the waste pipe with sandpaper and used Chestnut Blue Spirit Stain to stain the pipes and osb box Blue.
  5. OSB has a cool marble effect when stained & the pipes held the stain well.
  6. I used Rustoleum Crystal Clear spray to give the box a sealed finish.
  7. I then hot glued all the pipes around the inside edge of the box.
  8. I chose to leave an open space in the box centre to put some sandpaper and my sharpening kit.
  9. I also store some drill bits, screw drivers and pencils that I use the most in the box.

Step 3: I Made a YouTube Video

I made a YouTube video of the build process as you-tubing and woodworking are my favourite hobbies! Please have a look at my video & subscribe if you like it! here is the link to the Carving Tool Organiser Build;

& to see my other videos & channel look here!

I hope you all like my First Instructables!



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    I like this idea a lot! Well done. I may construct something similar and put foam on the bottom so the knife ends stay protected or store them sharp side up. Thanks for sharing.

    Great ideas Katlinbr,if you make one please share here I would love to see it!!

    That's a great idea! I love finding uses for my scraps!

    Yes I love using my scrap wood i make artwork with my hard wood scraps!I dont like waste!

    I had no idea you could stain pvc. Does it stay or does it flake off eventually?

    its stayed on mine and doesn't come off,this could differ depending on stain you use.I just gave the outside of the pipes a sanding until they were textured then let the stain soak in.