In this instructable I will show the most basic steps to creating a 3D sculpted Chewbacca face in a pumpkin. The tools I use are exacto knives, clay ribbon tools and small linoleum and wood carving chisels. Choose what works best for you and be safe and creative. What works for me might not be best for you.... As with any creative project personal preference and skill is up to you as well as adding or skipping details. In the end all that matters is that you are happy with your creation. I hope my photos and descriptions help:) Have fun and enjoy!!!

BTW this was started at a pumpkin carving party Saturday night then finished the following night, so it can be done in sessions if you don't wait too long in between.

Step 1: Pick Your Victim

The pumpkin should be heavy, without major damage and relatively smooth.  Ideally you want a pumpkin that matches the shape you desire to carve into it oblong, oval round.....  If you are deciding between two pumpkins the heavier is always better and has thicker wall for sculpting. 
<p>so neat </p>
<p>Thank you I wanted to do a couple different ones this year but I haven't had the time&hellip;. Maybe next year!!</p>
I envy your carving skills! Mine would come out looking like cousin IT...with teeth
That's fantastic. Please take a photo of the tools you used.
This is fantastic!
Thanks Jessy:)

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