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Introduction: Case Mod Timber

These are some shots of my timber PC case. Took me a few days to make..
Was sick and tired of staring at the old plastic one...
Did the basic inside clean up / led fit out.
Case is made from 3/4 in pine solid board.. With Tasmanian oak trim...
It has a lovely aroma when warm. Several fans and port's have also been added to accomadate for the timber. I have active monitor's and warnings setup "incase" anything goes wrong....

In regards to the obvious comment's about combustibility of a timber case..
I would tend to agree with many other's, that the plastic's contained in standard case's, would be equally combustable. Although it would also emit toxic fume's..

I was going to do alot more "fancy" work to it, but preferred to go for the less is more look...

On the front are stainless steel fitting's. The only button is the on/off in the middle there... DVD drive is ejected via OS.. The on/off and headphones hanger are from a single magnetic stainless door catch...

My flat screen monitor may get the same treatment.

Sorry about the low qual pics...




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    Nice case................

    Wow cool case! Do you have any bigger pictures?

    Sorry keith missed your comment. No I don't I should take some larger ones.

    Looks cool, but the pictures are kind of small

    LOL This is one of my very first I' efforts... You'll notice my laer I'bles have larger pictures... Thanks for your comment, I still use this comp as my main one. I am online with it now. Still running beautifully and still looks great...

    lol, thats pretty kool, but did you see the wirs that would short out my system? lol

    ?? Sorry dont follow... Which ones?

    Cool case! How hot does it get. Any problems so far?

    Thanks that's appreciated... Someone else was interested so I put it up... Max temp went up 5 degrees celcius... Two 120mm fans lowered that by 10 degrees... But as I said, I run active stats on it and have a LOUD siren warning through the speaker's... I don't need a bonfire thankyou very much.... :) Only "problem" was me, when a quick test run before soldiering the fan wires... resulted in one of my twists coming loose, fan ceased operation and heat increased slightly but the temp monitor grabbed it in plenty of time... and shut it the comp down...

    Awesome job! Do you have any shots of the back of the case though? I'm curious as to how you did the cutout for the motherboard, as well as the mounting and positioning of the PCI and other cards.