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Awhile ago i purchased several Mattel Juice Box media players from a toy store because they were remarkably cheap. One i gave as a gift, one I used normally, and I decided this one needed to be changed. Originally my plan was to build the components into an Altoids tin but they just didn't fit (possibly a project for the future?). I decided I still needed to do something creative with the device and so when I came across an old ipod package I knew I had found my new case.
After relatively little work and modification, I have manged to build all the components snugly and functionally into the box. It took me about an hour.
All buttons and plugs are accessible, and the screen fits perfectly into the cutout ipod screen.
My plans for the future include getting an mp3 attachment for an sd card and making this a photo frame or running Linux on it. I also think with some work i could maybe fit one of these into an Altoids tin.
I hope you like it and by all means i would really enjoy seeing other projects with Juiceboxes!


robots199 (author)2008-07-08

Just to tell you, You can NOT run linux on it through the media attachment. My suggestion is to buy a real ipod and run Rockbox off of it.

toogers (author)robots1992009-07-08

my suggestion is to buy a sansa fuze instead of an ipod.

mspark400 (author)robots1992008-07-09

thanks for the heads up and i already have one and i used to on my old one.

mspark400 (author)2008-06-22

Finally working!! please comment and or rate thanks, mspark 400

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