You can make a cool Cash Register Receipt Wallet to remind you to mend your consumery ways (or remind you of all the money you've spent.)

This instructable shows 2 variations on making the wallet:
1) Flat weave and fold, tape into shape
2) Wrap weave or basket weave into shape by wrapping strips around the bend and tucking them in.

The Receipt Wallet helps you fight puchasing whims with whimsy.

I made the receipt wallet with my uncle (Woodenbikes). I made this because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a wallet. I decited on receipts because I realized that they are usually not recycled.

Step 1: Aquire Lots of Receipts

Take lots of little trips to the store to buy:
Things you thought you needed or
Things that advertisements told you to buy, or
Things you thought would help your self esteem, etc
Basically just be an American! (consumer)
We are Consumers now. We used to be Citizens.

Alternatively: Ask the nice checkout person if you can have a bag of old receipts.
Make sure they do not think you are holding up the store.
I don't know about Target, but most receipts these days (the thermal-printed kind) spew loads of BPA (bisphenol-A) that you can easily absorb through your skin. I'd be careful about the choice of receipts for this project, but I like the idea if it's made with something BPA-free (and is somewhat sturdy and doesn't bleed ink).
It looks great, and is certainly unique. But, I can only image the mess when I put it through the wash. I know I will!
That would not be good. I think my uncle did that already.
did it look like you left a receipt in your pocket? :)
you could cover it in clear box/packing tape. it would make it water proof, i think....
Sweet im ganna make one now
looks cool! i like it
made the completely woven version last night. Works great and it was easy to build. I work at a retail store so I just collected receipts that customers didn't want that we usually throw away. Make sure you have plenty of clamps handy.
Following up... keep the wallet as tight at possible. It tends to loosen up over time, especially in the card pouch.
you shop @ target what a loser lol. ROFL:) just kidding that is awesome store
The weaving way looks a lot like the one shown on the money wallet site..... This is cool though. Gotta try it sometime
Looks like a lot of work. Reminds me of a duct tape wallet like on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ducttaperevolution.com">Duct Tape Revolution</a>. The site has some cool products.<br/>
Wow! I would've never thought of that! Nice!
Wow you must buy a lot of stuff
Well I don't buy all this stuff. I asked a local store if I could thave their receipts that peaople don't want.

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