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This is a Trifold Wallet made out of Playing cards. It has a change pocket and two credit card pockets. Its sleek design helps it fit into pockets easily.This design is easily modified for your needs. I made this one as a wallet for carrying high money bills with low quantity (10 twenty dollar bills instead of 100 one dollar bills) Expect to spend 15-20 minutes on this rewarding project.

Step 1: Get your Matterials

Picture of Get your Matterials
Get the following

- Packing tape
- Playing Cards
- Scissors
- Velcro dots
We can't steal your number!!
all I can read is **** **00 8448 31 maybe two 4's or 7's I don't know...

Great wallet I have like 12 wallets made off of instructables and this one is pretty good! I think maybe this one is #4

it also a gift card
and what wallet do you think is #1 ?
I think that the
Ultimate wallet is #1.
But I love duct tape.

i am gonna do this but with Pokemon cards a way to get rid of the darned things and yu gi oh cards damn . . . i have so many from like 3 years ago
i have 4,500 yu gi oh cards. we counted. damn, how do i lose them!? Wait a second, like half of them are rare, that suitcase of yugiohs (with 8 jinzos and like 3 full exodias) could be worth like $500!
Shiny charzards are worth $50 now
 How much would a shiny dark charazard be worth?

nearvana5 years ago
 I've done this for years now!  People love it wherever I go :)  It's really flat and is hardly noticed in your pocket.

The problem with the card wallet which you solved is the front half pockets, nice!

When I made them I had the good fortune of having access to a nice laminator where I used to work, so I would place 6 cards per 'sheet' of laminate 3 facing up, 3 down, and with spaces for folding.  Trim them down, tape up the sides to your desired liking.  Little more durable that way!
giod7 years ago
Theres no since in photoshoping out the number since its a Simon mall gift card which is probably empty.
J@50n giod5 years ago
plus its too blurry to see as is.
winniekate6 years ago
this is very cool. my son has gotten several wallets as gifts, but doesn't like them - thinks they're too thick. this may be his perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. Thanks!
i made one of these before i saw this but there are a couple of things that i did differently that i think made mine better A. no change or credit card slots just put your change in your pocket and put the credit cards in with the bills they hold better and a similar wallet is always better. b. leave spaces in between the cards they fold better and seeing the money through looks cool and C. rather then folding it to break it in great techniques are swimming with it in your pocket a few times or put it through the wash once or twice i did bout and the wallet feels great.
vanpaun (author)  pineapplenewton6 years ago
Thsi was the first one, and in the new ones I leave maybe 3mm space. IDK about the washing it thing though.
it softens the whole thing not only the folds
ketizzle256 years ago
This is an amazing wallet i made it with the dead man's hand in the main pocket
Jo Coks6 years ago

nice wallet

Jo Coks
Am I really the first one to catch this quote?
"I made this one as a wallet for carrying high money bills with low quantity (10 twenty dollar bills instead of 100 one dollar bills)"
100 one dollar bills= 100$
10 twenty dollar bills= 200$

lol nice Instructable though
vanpaun (author)  The Porsche Fan7 years ago
yeah, 10x20=200. But, anyway, my point exactly, less bills, more money.
pocketlama8 years ago
I used your instructable to make one using Lotería cards.Lotería cards.
That looks great !
PSPerson8 years ago
A and FOR SURE a + You might want to photoshop out the numbers on the card
stranoster8 years ago
Good idea but already been posted
vanpaun (author)  stranoster8 years ago
yeah..... I posted mine then I looked at the other projects and realized it had been done, However, I searched for card wallet before and didn't find the other one.
I still really like it!
how did you make ur pic look old and wrinkly?
kj2468 years ago
i like the idea of cards , looks pretty cool i m making one too
abbabibble28 years ago
good one! I like it! Nifty idea, using cards!